Interesting Activities

Rest on the Beach

Spending a summer vacation on the beach – an all-time classic favorite. Over recent years, Azerbaijan has become a popular tourist destination among foreigners, not least thanks to the Caspian Sea. The mild, warm climate gives Baku residents a chance to kick off the beach season in May and swim in the warm waves of the Caspian until well into September. It is not surprising that the coast of the Absheron peninsula attracts so many visitors. It’s not only the affordable prices and the good level of service, but also the healing and relaxing ambiance – the pure sea air, the therapeutic sanatoria on the shore and a rich, diverse natural environment. The official opening of the beach season is at the beginning of June though beaches can be visited year-round.


Gabala Shooting Club is part of the Gabala Sport Club, a world-class facility that prepares the athletes for the national teams of Azerbaijan in shooting, boxing, karate, taekwondo, soccer, and judo. The reason behind building the GSC was to develop a multi-purpose and world-class shooting facility in Azerbaijan that can serve both as a recreational and entertainment center, and as a training place for the national shooting team and international professionals, as well as to promote the shooting as a sport in national level.

Creation of top level conditions to provide preparation process of professional sportsmen to important competitions;
Creation conditions for visitors to spend their leisure time with doing sports and leading healthy life-style.

5 combined shooting ranges
8 sporting ranges
3 indoor and outdoor rifle/pistol halls
Archery shooting pitch
Flag square
Shooting School
Greenness for rest of sportsmen and visitors
2 office blocks
Medical point
Children playground
Restaurant and lounge
Photo studio
Sport-hunting appliances shop
Parking lot

Paragliding in GABALA

There are 2 starting points. Conditions are changes from the starting point. The first flight point is at 2250m height. Our professional FLYSHAHDAG paragliding team will take you to the flight place. But, before the will be a short training. Shoes, helmet and gloves will be provided from our side. The flight takes 15-20 minutes. The weight limit is 40-120 kg, age 16+. Unlike the first start point, the second launching point is 1650m high, the flight duration will be 5-10 minutes. Weight limit is 40-120 kg, age 10+.

The paragliding depends on the weather. The general process will take somewhere an hour. The flight will be shot on GoPro.


The largest in the Caucasus indoor karting “Baku Karting & Event Center” is open for fans of drive and speed since 2010. A track with a special asphalt covering a total area of 4000 square meters and a length of 500 meters is located on the territory of the center. Here you can also find a car park with maps of the German manufacturer “Rimo” and an operating “Rich Club & Lounge”, designed for 200 people. “Baku Karting & Event Center” is an ideal place for active recreation. You can also find Carting Service in Gabaland Center in Gabala.




Paintball is one of the new types of recreation that has gained popularity in Baku
The weapon used in this game, combining entertainment and sport, is a marker with compressed air, and bullets are balls with harmless paint, which includes oil or gelatin. This game will perfectly relieve stress and tension. Paintball players must have strong tactical thinking and self-control. The game of paintball provides an opportunity to demonstrate team spirit and leadership qualities regardless of age, gender and physical fitness.


Tufandag Resort is located 4 km away from the city of Gabala – the ancient capital of Caucasian Albania. The distance from the international airport of Gabala is 20 km, and 220 km from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.
Tufandag complex is well equipped and can accommodate up to 3,000 people at a time, restaurants, cafeterias, bars and recreation areas, ski school for adults and children, ski equipment rental and repair are operating on the territory of the complex.
The best hotel in the Tufandag resort – Qafqaz Tufandag Mountain Resort Hotel 5 * is located directly in the trail skiing area, right at the lower stations of the ski lifts.
The trails of the ski resort of Tufandag Gabala have different complexity and are designed for advanced skiers, snowboarders as well as beginners. The total length of the trails is 17 km.